How to Add Captions to Videos (‘Bake-in’ Subtitles for Instagram Videos!)

Learn how to add captions to videos and make videos with ‘baked-in’ subtitles and captions for Instagram, Facebook… you name it!


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How to Add Captions to Videos (‘Bake-in’ Subtitles for Instagram Videos!)

Want to learn how to make those Facebook or Instagram caption videos, where the subtitles are INSIDE the video? You know the ones… with those obligatory bars at the top and bottom of the video with a fancy bright color to get attention?

Well, good news is you’re not alone – it’s probably the number 1 question we get right now!

And for good reason too. While it may LOOK simple, it’s not as easy as just adding text to videos… Because you’re dealing with subtitles that change every second or two, with the wrong approach you could spend hours manually syncing up the video and audio.

But you know that’s not how we do things here! In this video we cover the easiest way we’ve found to add captions to Instagram videos, Facebook videos… ANY videos (!), and ‘bake-in’ subtitles easy and fast.



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