How to Make a GOOD YouTube Video (SIMPLE Video Script Structure!)

Wondering how to make a GOOD YouTube video as easily as possible? In this video we’ll cover the simple YouTube video script structure we use to boost watch time, add MORE value for viewers, and create our content MUCH faster!


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How to Make a GOOD YouTube Video (SIMPLE Video Script Structure!)

There’s a lot of people out there telling you how to make a good YouTube video… BUT they often miss the MOST important factor that can easily destroy the entire experience for viewers, no matter how good your gear, lighting, camera or video quality…

I’m talking about your CONTENT! More specifically, how it’s structured – which is absolutely critical to getting your viewers attention, and stacking massive value to KEEP that attention throughout your video.

The best part is, with a simple structure in place, you’ll not only maximize watch time and value for viewers, you’ll also make your job presenting in front of the camera MUCH easier.

In this video we’ll show you how to write a video script for YouTube, breaking down the simple YouTube video structure we use at Primal Video to help you create awesome videos, much faster!




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