How to do a LIVE Interview on YouTube (YouTube Live with 2+ People!)

Learn how to do a LIVE interview on YouTube and add guests to your live streams… (The best ways to YouTube Live with 2+ people!)


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Google Hangouts
Ecamm Live

Broadcasting to Multiple Platforms:
Switchboard live

How to do a LIVE Interview on YouTube (YouTube Live with 2+ People!)

If you’re looking to host a live interview on YouTube, you’ll quickly realize the process is not quite as simple as it is on some other platforms.

Facebook introduced a live ‘guest’ feature a while back, enabling you to do 2 person live streams with the click (or tap) of a button. But as of right now, YouTube live 2 person streaming is not so straight forward…

While it may not look that way at first glance, the good news is – adding a guest to YouTube Live IS possible. In fact, you can add MORE than one – you just need the right tools to do the job!

In this video we look at the best options to go Live on YouTube with 2 or more people (including OBS, ECamm Live, Hangouts, Skype and Zoom), and the process you need to follow to do it.



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