we're Justin & Mike,

the guys behind Primal Video.

No relation to Chris Martin
(that we’re aware of...  Mum?)

...or the 'Brown Brothers' as we've been nicknamed.

Together, we've built a multi-six figure video production company, grown a community of over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, developed recurring income models that grow our business while we sleep, and coached tons of entrepreneurs to do the same.

I (Justin) worked in film for over 20 years, 

producing everything from now-Netflix-featured documentaries, to music videos and extreme sports projects traveling the world with big wave surfer Mark Visser, filming his documentary TV series, 9 Lives.

Over the last few years I’ve also worked with top-level entrepreneurs, helping them create marketing videos for their businesses. (You know those Jeff Walker-style 3-part video series? You’ve probably seen at least one I was involved in, and the case studies to boot…)


Once my clients saw how effective videos were — how much money they generated and how fast, easy, and fun it was — they wanted to leverage video more and more. So they kept coming back, which was awesome!

But as I got busier & the more projects I had to say “no” to, I started noticing one big problem…

When I wasn't available to shoot/edit, my clients stopped putting out videos.
Which means their results stopped, too!

That’s when the lightbulb moment happened.

If I could teach business owners to be their OWN video teams, they could create content without the high cost of hiring me one-on-one.

The focus began to shift from how can I get more clients? to how can I help more people get the results they’re after?

That was back in 2014. And it’s still the Primal Video mission today.

Along the way, my brother Mike joined the business.

His background’s in finance and start-ups so he added a completely new layer of efficiency and strategy to the operation.

Mike drove a top-down review of the entire business, which really wasn’t my thing. I’m generally a process-averse guy and I didn’t think it would make a difference.

...But I was wrong. (Hey, there’s a first time for everything, I guess!)

Mike’s 80/20 systems were like pouring gasoline over the actions that got us views, subscribers, and revenue, then lighting the match.

Implementing smarter systems & processes didn't just give us a one-time surge in productivity, audience growth or income...

It turned our entire business into an organic growth engine that worked for us 24/7. We could reach far more people, grow our business and multiply our revenue streams - all on autopilot, so we could focus on doing the things we love.

Who would've thought this guy might actually be useful?!

Now, through Primal Video we teach those exact systems for creating quality videos, growing a targeted audience and monetizing your influence!
We're here to help you


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