The Fast Track to Scale Your Leads,
Traffic and Income with YouTube!

Enrollment Closing in...

Enrollment Closing in...

It's easy to grow your audience and scale your business in only a couple of hours each week with video.

You just need to focus on the CRITICAL 20% of steps that actually deliver results and forget about the other 80% most people waste their time on!

SMART Video Marketing will let you:

  • Grow a targeted audience and fill your funnels with organic traffic
  • Add new income streams to your business that work for you while you sleep
  • Build a professional brand that leads to speaking opportunities, client inquiries, premium pricing (and general jealousy across all of your competitors)...

... in only a few hours each week!

10X your results AND get your time back with the step-by-step processes, tools and tactics to build a scalable video marketing engine

Meet Justin Brown! As featured in...

Justin has been my secret weapon

for leveraging some of the most powerful tools for building a global audience using video marketing.

Even though he won’t admit it, he’s a GENIUS with this stuff, and everyone serious about growing their businesses with video marketing MUST join Justin on his journey!

GIDEON SHALWICK  //  Founder, VeeRoll

Video Marketing with YouTube is the most efficient way to organically attract leads, build a strong brand, and add new income streams to your business.

That's because YouTube is one of the EASIEST ways to get found organically on the 2 biggest websites in the world!

YouTube is the #2 most visited website on the internet...

with over 1.9 billion monthly logged-in users,
watching over a billion hours of video,
every. single. day.

That's over a quarter of all people on earth!

And it's owned by the #1... Google.

When you know how to work the algorithm, you can consistently RANK your videos and reach your target market on BOTH YouTube and Google!

Even better, you can reach each person at the exact moment they need you — when they’re typing into the search bar.

Now, imagine doing the work to optimize your content once, and for days, months and even years after, you:

  • Show up in search results on YouTube AND Google.
  • Bring in new viewers and subscribers.
  • Grow your brand and position yourself as an expert.
  • check
    Generate organic leads and revenue.

That's what we call an 'Organic Traffic Engine', and it generates leads for your business on autopilot, 24/7.


Your Proven Roadmap to AMPLIFY Your Brand
& SCALE Your Business with Video!

The monthly membership program that removes the learning curve to build your Video Marketing growth engine...
even if you're a total newbie!

We break things down in a way that even 'non-techy' people can instantly understand and apply. Every tutorial is connect-the-dots style: it gets right to the point and comes with action steps to put the strategies to work immediately.

But it ain't all just theory, content and courses....

We also give you the exact:

  • step-by-step checklists;
  • proven processes; and
  • tools & systems

we use internally at Primal Video to create quality videosrank on YouTube, and build new, scalable revenue streams.

Plus, we know that keeping up with YouTube, marketing, and technology is a nightmare. We stay on the cutting edge and share what we’re learning each month, so you don’t have to.

Primal Video Accelerator is the Ultimate Fast Track to GROW Your Business with Video

1.  Level Up Your Video Creation

Learn how to produce better quality videos faster with step-by-step tutorials covering the entire creation process, from topic ideation and video structure, to filming, editing & post-production. Start with maximizing results from the resources you have (yep, even smartphones) and progress at your own pace!

2.  Grow Your Audience On YouTube

Maximize your organic traffic with channel optimization & video ranking tutorials, and step-by-step processes designed to optimize your videos for ranking at every stage in the production process, from planning and ideation right through to upload and release!

3.  Generate Leads and Monetize

Leverage your new organic traffic engine and build automated funnels that convert viewers into leads, and leads into customers. Better yet, build new revenue streams into your business, along with the systems to scale them on autopilot as your audience, brand & influence grows.

4.  Stay Ahead of the Curve

Gear, tools, systems and marketing tactics are constantly evolving. What works today may not work tomorrow... Software gets updated, ranking algorithms are tweaked, best practices change, and new tech can get you better results in half the time. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest processes, gear & software for all areas of video marketing & production!

... And Do It All FASTER!

The tools, the gear, the tutorials, the processes, checklists, community & support... Primal Video Accelerator is constantly growing to give you everything you need to level up every area of your video production & marketing when you need it. It's the 80/20 approach to video production and marketing, designed to help you maximize your ROI with video without shifting focus from what you do best.

Here's what our awesome Accelerator members are saying...

"I am now able to quickly determine what topics to create videos on, knowing that the videos will get found and viewed!"

Mike and Justin's training has added so much clarity to my content strategy. They equip you with the right tools and techniques to make the research process easy. I've also learned how to track my performance to continue to improve over time. THANK YOU both so much for helping us share our message with a larger, more engaged audience!

JON ACAMPORA //  Founder, Excel Campus

"Entrepreneurs who are trying to attract business on the internet - this is a slam dunk solution"

Primal Video Accelerator is a resource I can go to and I KNOW every time I access it I'm going to up my game... And how much I up my game, frankly, is 100% correlated to how often I go in and make use of the resources and follow the processes in there.

"Primal Video Accelerator is THE resource if you're looking to build your business online"

Even if you don't know anything about how to do video, how to find leads online - you get everything laid out very simple. I would absolutely recommend Primal Video Accelerator to other video creators, but I'd also absolutely recommend it to people who DON'T know video. It is an awesome resource!

DAN NORTON //  PRO Live Stream and Video Content Creator, Dan Norton Films

"If there's one thing you can do to grow your business, it's join Primal Video Accelerator"

Primal Video Accelerator has been an incredible learning experience, and of all of the courses I've done it's been the one I've invested the most time in. Once I start getting into a topic I just can't stop watching and taking notes - it's fantastic! If you follow the process you know you're giving your videos the best chance you can. I'm empowered to create new content and know there's an audience out there waiting to see it.

DR. LEIGH PLOWMAN //  Optometrist and Online Practice Expert, Optomly

"Primal Video Accelerator is one of the very foundational elements of my toolbox to do things online."

I use Primal Video as my go-to resource because you know what you're getting, you know it's going to be short and concise, and ALWAYS spot-on. I can't highly recommend Primal Video enough, and I do not typically do testimonials because I have a very high bar for the integrity of things and Primal Video checks every single box! To anyone sitting on the fence, I would say jump in NOW!

MAUREEN WHITEHOUSE //  Miracle Mentor & Spiritual Counsellor, Axiom

So, what exactly will YOU Accelerate?!

Every action-focused tutorial or fast-track resource inside Primal Video Accelerator fits inside one of the 3 Primal Growth Pillars:


Create Quality Videos

Most entrepreneurs are embarrassed to post videos online because they look and sound terrible. Not you though, because you'll know the simple tips & steps to get maximum quality AND impact with video... in less time. 

You’ll discover:

  • How to film professional-looking videos with the gear you have... even your smartphone!
  • The Primal Video Formula that creates high-value videos for your audience, maximizing engagement and watch time
  • The principles behind effective communication on video to build “People to People” relationships (a term borrowed from our friend Chris Ducker)
  • check
    Pro efficiency tips to save a heap of time planning, filming, and editing your videos
  • check
    The findings from our Primal Video Test Lab, so you can make smart investments in editing software, camera, microphone, lighting, background, audio gear, and more
  • The step-by-step roadmap to outsource your video editing for as little as $3-7 an hour, so you can focus your time on the steps that will REALLY get you results in your business.


Grow an Audience

More traffic means more leads — which every business needs, whether you’re selling digital products, running a SaaS company, or selling real estate. Let’s get you a piece of it.

You’ll learn:

  • Simple (but advanced) optimization secrets to make your videos easy to find on YouTube and Google
  • How to share incredible value (plus subtle persuasion strategies) in your videos so viewers can’t hit the “subscribe” button fast enough
  • How to intentionally build a stand-out, professional brand using video
  • check
    Little-known tricks to OWN the space around your target keywords
  • check
    How to leverage little-known YouTube features to 10X your results, faster!


Scale Your Revenue

When you grow your influence, your biggest asset becomes your audience. As it grows, so can the number and size of your income streams... if you know what to do.

You’ll zero in on how to:

  • Switch on different revenue models to cash in on your organic YouTube traffic
  • Create strategic content that leads to your sales funnels while delivering high value to your audience
  • Position yourself as a 'go-to' expert and charge premium pricing (and get leads that will happily pay it!)
  • check
    Build automated systems and funnels that convert your newfound organic traffic into revenue streams that work for you 24/7
  • check
    Identify the most lucrative and feel-good affiliate opportunities for your brand... and make your audience WANT to use YOUR affiliate links!

PVA is a super necessary resource...

Primal Video Accelerator is the first place I look for video solutions. I know the content is simple, easy to understand and they are keeping up with the latest gear and software... Anything from running webinars, creating course content to managing my editors - it’s in there. If it’s not, they answer it in the forum and if it’s more complicated they create a teaching piece. A super necessary resource for such a dynamic and necessary need!

MICHAEL MAIDENS  //  The Offer Academy

Here's what's waiting for you inside
Primal Video Accelerator once you become a Member...

Primal Video's
'Plug-and-Play' Execution Templates

Exclusive access to our fast growing library of processes, checklists and templates you can download and implement in your business to get results FAST.

Each of these done-for-you resources will take out all the guesswork, so you KNOW you're taking the right steps to get results. In fact, they're the exact PROVEN processes we use internally to CREATE quality videos, RANK on YouTube, and build new, SCALABLE revenue streams!

Use them to keep yourself on track, or simply hand them off to your team so you can be sure they know EXACTLY what needs to be done to complete any task!

We're talking Fast Track resources like:

  • Mike's Keyword Research process to find high traffic video topics and unique keywords that RANK on YouTube & Google.
  • Our follow-along smartphone filming guide to maximize results every time you film with your iPhone or Android device.
  • Our entire video project management system from scripting to upload, so you can track, manage and collaborate with your team to get it all done FASTER!
  • check-square
    Our post-upload video optimization process for re-optimizing existing, under performing videos, to maximize results from your existing content!
  • check-square
    Our video editor hiring process & job templates, so you can hire a low-cost, high impact video editor and focus on GROWING your business!
  • check-square
    Justin's video editing checklist that our new editors follow to produce YouTube-ready results on their FIRST projects in just one try!

... and MORE, with new Fast Track guides regularly added!

It's a growing library of our latest processes, templates & execution guides, regularly updated to reflect the latest tools & best-practice techniques... ready when you are!

Plus: The training & resources to accelerate your results even further...

Monthly Members-only Q&A

Submit your questions to our monthly members-only Q&A and get them answered to get you unstuck and remove your biggest obstacles.

Exclusive Tutorials & Training

Growing library of step-by-step tutorials and training to level up every area of your video creation & marketing.

Recommended Gear, Tech & Tool Guides

Recover all that lost time researching the latest gear, software and tech... Access the latest recommendations all in one place.

Private Members-Only Community

Members are eligible to access the exclusive PVA community of fellow entrepreneurs, business owners & marketers sharing their expertise and support. 

Every month you'll stay updated on the 'need-to-know' (without the fluff)

We don't waste our time, and we won't waste yours.

Releasing content just for 'content's sake' is a pain in the a$$ for everyone.
You'll get none of that here. Just the stuff that gets you results.

We add new training, resources or processes only when it fits our stringent criteria:

  • it's got to be 80/20 (one of those 20% of things that winds up getting you 80% of the results)
  • it's easy for you to take action on, and
  • we're actually excited to share it with you... because it gets RESULTS!

Now Open!

Full Access


per month


Become a member today, and you’ll be grandfathered in at the current price. Your membership fee will remain the same for as long as your subscription remains active – even when we increase it in the future!

Plus, you'll also unlock these Bonuses...


YouTube Ranking & Video Optimization COURSE

Valued at $497

Learn how to RANK videos on YouTube, step-by-step!

Maximize organic traffic from YouTube, grow subscribers faster, generate leads while you sleep, and RANK your content with this complete YouTube Video Optimization training. You'll learn advanced keyword research techniques, video ranking & optimization strategies, and step-by-step processes to turn YouTube into an organic growth engine that works for your business, 24/7.


Complete Video Creation COURSE

Valued at $497

Create DIY videos that don't look like you made them yourself!

From shooting to upload, learn to create professional looking videos with the gear you have. Gain the confidence and know-how to create videos that capture attention, build an audience, and make you look GOOD!


How to Film with Smartphone COURSE

Valued at $97

Shoot AMAZING Videos with Your Smartphone!

The advanced guide to getting AWESOME results when shooting with your Smartphone! Whether it’s iPhone or Android, this training will take you step-by-step through the entire process from recommended gear, setup and getting in front of the camera, to saving out your videos for editing.


Editing with Smartphone Like a PRO COURSE

Valued at $97

Edit Video like a PRO with JUST your Smartphone!

Learn how to convert your iPhone or Android device into a mobile Video Editing powerhouse! This training will take you step-by-step through the entire editing process, including app recommendations, end-to-end walkthroughs on both iOS and Android, and the ultimate Editing process to save time and reduce rework!

Full Access to Primal Video Accelerator

Plug-&-play Fast Track Execution Templates

Monthly Members-only Q&A

Exclusive PVA Tutorials & Training

Invite to Members-only Community

PLUS: Access to over $1,188 in Bonuses...

YouTube Ranking & Optimization Course

Valued at $497

Complete Video Creation Course

Valued at $497

How to Film with Smartphone Course

Valued at $97

Editing with Smartphone like a PRO Course

Valued at $97


Per Month

This stuff works, even if...

  • check-square
    You're a busy professional that wants to grow your practice
    (or grow yourself OUT of it!)
  • You've NEVER posted a single video online.
  • You're not selling digital products and you're trying to expand a bricks-and-mortar business.
  • You're not a natural entertainer and go 'deer-in-headlights' in front of the camera.
  • You barely know how to take a video on your iPhone, much less how to leverage YouTube!

But it's NOT for you if...

  • You're still not sold on the power of video.
    We're here to empower you with the tools to GROW your business with video, not convince you why you should get started.
  • You think this will happen overnight.
    If you’re looking for big results without being willing to put in some hard work, PVA won’t get you there.
  • You don't get the results you want... and it’s never your fault.
    If you find yourself making excuses more than taking responsibility, PVA’s probably not for you. We ask everyone in the PVA team to take full ownership of his/her actions — the good and the bad.
  • You're looking to "Get Rich Quick!"
    Let's be clear: YES, video can help skyrocket your business & brand, but that is ONLY if you have something of value to offer. People who chase "get rich quick" schemes usually don't focus on that underlying value and are just looking for ways to manipulate people or shortcuts that don't exist.

Primal Video Accelerator is especially effective for these types of people:

The Business Owner​

who wants to bring in more leads and stop working so damn hard for every dollar.

The Marketer​

who needs to build a community of raving fans and generate targeted traffic for your sales funnels.

The Professional
who's rewiring, not retiring​

and ready to profit from your years of experience in your next career chapter

Whichever you are...

you’ll learn the tools, tactics, and strategies that have been battle-tested in our business AND our clients’ businesses, give you the playbook to AMPLIFY your business with video.

Justin and Mike are the experts in video...

Creating videos is one thing, but creating videos that get found and convert is totally another. Justin and Mike are the experts who can help you transit from your desert to the promised land in authority building with video.

Doors Closing Soon...

Full Access


per month


Become a member today, and you’ll be grandfathered in at the current price. Your membership fee will remain the same for as long as your subscription remains active – even when we increase it in the future!

Who are Justin & Mike?

The 'Brown brothers' from down under, Justin (the Chris-Martin-looking guy on the right) and Mike (dashing gentleman on the left), are the two guys behind Primal Video.

Together they've built a multi-six figure video production company, grown a community of over 240,000 subscribers, attracted more than 22 million views on YouTube, and developed recurring income models that grow the business while they sleep.

Now, they teach other entrepreneurs to do the same.


is the 'video guy', with top-level credits and distribution strategy on international film, documentary, broadcast & extreme sports productions.

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, when he's not tinkering with some new video gadget or toy, you'll find him spending time with his 2 kids or down at the beach.


background is a little less exciting, but probably far more important* (*Mike's edit) as the detailed process and strategy guy, bringing his business development, strategy and online marketing experience into the mix.

Mike currently settled in Singapore, but tends to move about so we'll have to make a note to keep this updated... When he's not pressuring Justin to adopt a new system or process, best to catch him via email as he's probably traveling around somewhere.

As featured in...

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