Android and iPhone Camera Lens Filters for Better Smartphone Videos!

Lens Filters are a key tool for any Pro Filmmaker or Photographer… Level up your Smartphone Videos with these Android and iPhone Camera Lens Filters!


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SANDMARC Scape ND Filter
SANDMARC Drama Polarizer Filter

Android and iPhone Camera Lens Filters for Better Smartphone Videos!

Lens filters are a key tool in any Pro Filmmaker or Photographers arsenal, and for very good reason… They can not only improve the detail and composition of your shot under the right conditions, but also unlock a huge amount of creative potential and flexibility!

Shooting on my smartphone, I’ve missed having a decent set of filters and the extra flexibility they provide. I’ve been experimenting with filters for smartphones for a while now but hadn’t found any that I’d give a solid ‘thumbs up’ and recommend on the channel… Most were made of cheaper plastic, and definitely didn’t hit the quality bar I was looking for… until now!

SANDMARC recently reached out offering to send us a free set of their filters to try… After checking out their website (they made some BIG promises), I was keen to put the SANDMARC filters to the test!

After using the Smartphone lens filters on a variety of shoots (specifically the ND and Polarizer filters), we wanted to do a full review on the channel for anyone looking for ways to level up their ‘Smartphone Video game’ (oh… and smartphone photography! 😀 )

Don’t worry, if you’re new to camera filters – this is not just a SANDMARC filter review… We also run through the key filters I’d recommend to get started (the Polarizer and ND filter for phones), and HOW you can start using them!

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