Background Music for Videos: The Best Royalty Free Sites!

Background Music for Videos: The Best Royalty Free Sites!

There are a TON of options online for royalty free music. Google royalty free music and you’ll get inundated with results… BUT there are a LOT of bad sites out there, and it’s incredibly time consuming to dig through them all and find a decent one – So here are my recommendations for the best royalty free sites!


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Background Music for Videos: The Best Royalty Free Sites!



Free Music Archive
YouTube Audio Library


[Current Favourite] Art List
Premium Beat
Audio Blocks
Audio Network

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We’ll start off with some free options, then move into the better paid options I use regularly.

Note: If you ARE planning on sticking to FREE music, your choices are definitely going to be limited.. I gave up on the free stuff a while back because I could never find what I wanted. The quality is generally lower, and all the good ones you’ve likely heard a hundred times before.

REMEMBER: Before you purchase any background music for videos, preview the track in your browser with your video playing so you can get a sample of the finished product and make sure it suits. You’ll be surprised how often you find out that awesome new track you found isn’t actually that great when paired with the video you had in mind!

If you’ve got any different sources for music, we’d love to hear! Share them below in the comments.

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