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Best Lapel Microphone for iPhone/Android AND DSLR – Under $50!

I’m always tinkering with new gadgets and toys that promise to improve video production quality and efficiency.. I’ve already done a few videos on the importance of using an external microphone when filming, ESPECIALLY with smartphones (linked below).

One of my favourites has been the ~$80 RODE SmartLAV+… BUT, I’ve just tried out the considerably cheaper BOYA BY-M1, and the results were very surprising!

The sound quality is great on both microphones. Unlike the more expensive RODE, the BOYA works out-of-the-box with both smartphones (iPhone, Android) and DSLR’s (something the RODE doesn’t do), and has a very long cable.

After a few weeks with the BOYA, it’s quite possibly the best lapel microphone for iphone/android and DSLR Under $50.

If you’re in the market for new Lapel/Lavalier Microphone, make sure you check out the BOYA BY-M1 (Amazon Link).

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michael krisa

Great Tip – also check out the Smart Lav (no battery required) Omni-direction for about $50.

I have no affiliation with these guys buy buy there stuff

All Good Wishes,

Thanks Michael,
Up until using this mic, I carried the Rode SmartLav around with me. I’ve compared the two in a few different situations and in my opinion this one is better. The biggest drawback of the SmartLav is the short cable in my opinion.

Funny, I actually liked the Rode because of the short cable length, but that was for live filming and I added the audio in post (didn’t feel like shelling out the $600/speaker for wireless).

However, its hard to monitor audio on a DSLR, especially if its a one man shoot like what you did above. I’m always scared that this shoot will be the one where the battery dies midway. Do you have any advice in protecting against that? Or how many hours of battery life it has? (as I quickly learned with my Audio technical lav- forgetting to turn it off doesn’t help lol)

Hey Sean,
Thanks for the comment. I’ll always do a quick test first (record a quick clip) to make sure everything is on and working right. As for batteries, I figure they’re cheap enough to add new ones every (or at least every second) time I shoot. It’s cheaper and easier than reshooting 🙂 The last thing you’d want is to find out later that your mic went flat! 🙂 I run plugged into power where possible and use external extra batteries where I can too.
The shorter cable on the Rode is useful for selfie style videos but I figure if i’m going to just cary one around, the Boya is by far the pick for me to cover most situations. All the best!

Hi Justin,
Thanks for the tip on the Boya mic, i got it, but I can’t get it to work. I have an Android phone. I’ve tried in on my phone and computer, nothing is working. I am thinking it may be the battery they sent with it, but no idea. I am going to return it. But have you had any issues with it?

Justin Brown

I’d try another battery.. I’ve got a few of these mics and never had any issues. They do tend to go flat after a day or so if you leave them ON and connected to a phone or camera, so battery could be a possibility. Either that or it’s a faulty one. Best of luck getting it sorted!

Thanks Justin, I actually got it to work, but only on my iPad??? It won’t do anything on my computer (PC) or my android phone. But it sounds awesome on my ipad. Thanks for your reply! And you totally rock by the way!

Hey Carol,
Great to hear you got it working on your iPad.. it’s really strange that it’s not working on anything else for you though.. The Rode SmartLav is also a great mic, it’s a bit more expensive, only works on smartphones and has a really short cable.
All the best!

I got a boya m1 mic too last week and as I read a few other forums too, it does not work with android camera while recording video. I am so disappointed, but somehow it does works with audio recording app in my phone. I am having really hard time figuring out how I could get it to work while recording video.

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