Best Online Video Editor? WeVideo Review!

Is WeVideo the best online video editor? Find out in this full WeVideo Review!


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WeVideo Cloud Editor

► Online Video Editors: Why You Should Edit Videos Online

Best Online Video Editor? WeVideo Review!

Until quite recently, Online Video Editors had a long way to go to compete with even the most basic desktop video editing software. But with faster internet speeds (and enough development cycles) they’re starting to catch up!

These days there are some solid options for editing video online, and the benefits of these cloud video editing options can be huge – for the right people…

WeVideo is one of the leading online video editing software options, and after putting it through its paces, Justin covers his thoughts and experiences in this WeVideo Review.

It’s an incredibly powerful cloud video editor, with benefits ranging from amazing online video editing collaboration to solid Green Screen effects – but as with all online video editors, it doesn’t come without its share of downsides. Find out if WeVideo gets our vote for Best Online Video Editor!



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