Best Portable Action Camera Video Light? Litra Torch vs Lume Cube Review!

Need a portable LED to light up action sports or diving videos? We review the Litra Torch vs Lume Cube to see which is the BEST Action Camera Video Light!


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Best Action Camera Video Light? Litra Torch vs Lume Cube Review!

There are plenty of action camera and GoPro accessories available these days, you can generally find something to help you overcome most challenges when shooting in the unfriendly environments these action cams excel in.

One BIG example is video lighting!

A few years back I was on a midnight shoot for a project called nightrider, where big wave surfer Mark Visser attempted to become the first to surf the Big wave Break – JAWS… at night! It was pitch black, so lighting was a real issue… We had to get custom LED panels designed up for the surfboard, along with numerous spotlights hanging out of a helicopter and several other ‘less-than-convenient’ solutions.

BUT – some of this could have been avoided if we had access to the portable LED action lights available these days for less than $100!

Companies like Lume Cube and Litra have released some great external flash & bluetooth video lights that make for great portable lighting solutions when shooting videos on the go, and in ‘unfriendly’ environments.

We recently did a video on the Lume Cube, discussing how great it can be for environments where you need its portability, durability and waterproof features, like action sports & diving, but also how it’s not a great option for more controlled shoots where you can get away with larger, more diffusible, (and cheaper) panels.

Litra have since released their alternative to the Lume Cube, the LitraTorch, and while it’s targeted at the same market and use-cases, the Litra website promises the Torch fixes some of the things things we didn’t like so much about the Lume Cube…

So, when Litra reached out offering to send us through a Litra Torch for us to test we jumped at the chance to put the two head-to-head.

So which is the best action camera LED video lighting option? After putting both products through their paces, we put together this video on the Lume Cube vs Litra Torch to give you our thoughts.



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