Best Shotgun Mic for YouTube? Top 3 Options for Every Budget!

What’s the Best Shotgun Mic for YouTube? Here are our Top 3 recommended boom mics for every budget!


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Top 3 Boom Mics:
RODE VideoMicro (Amazon)
RODE VideoMic Pro+ (Amazon)
RODE NTG4+ (Amazon)

Looking for the next level up?
RODE NTG3 (Amazon)

Lavalier Microphone:
BOYA BY-M1 (Amazon)

Microphone Adaptor:
RODE SC7 – TRS to TRRS adaptor (Amazon)

Smartphone Tripod:
Arkon Tripod and Phone Mount (Amazon)
Hot Shoe Extension Bar (Amazon)

Best Shotgun Mic for YouTube? Top 3 Options for Every Budget!

Shotgun mics (or boom mics) are a worthy addition to any video kit. As directional microphones, they allow you to capture great audio within a targeted frame, reducing ambient noise non-directional microphones would otherwise capture.

There are several advantages of using shotgun microphones, and they can provide a great deal of flexibility when shooting outdoors or in changing environments.

But there’s also a TON of options to choose from, ranging from very cheap to VERY expensive! So which is the best shotgun mic for YouTube videos, and what’s the right choice for you?

In this video we take a look at my top 3 picks across a range of budgets to help you decide the best boom mic for your videos, no matter if you’re shooting with a phone, DSLR or professional camera setup!

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