Best Tool for Adding Video Effects? Red Giant Universe Review!

Looking for the BEST way to add professional effects to videos? We’ll look at one awesome tool for easily adding video effects in this Red Giant Universe Review!


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Red Giant Universe

Best Tool for Adding Video Effects? Red Giant Universe Review!

The way you apply effects in Video editing can make or Break your videos… Applying poor quality video effects, or doing it incorrectly can destroy the quality of your videos – but on the flip side, proper use of GOOD effects can lift them up to a whole new level!

It’s an important part of the post-production process, and we’ve released a few video tutorials in the past around customizing video intro’s, titles and animations to help create custom and professional branding in your videos.

I’ve been looking at Red Giant’s Universe for a while now – it’s a great source for professional video effects and animations to help make your videos look awesome. So, when Red Giant reached out asking if we’d like to check out Red Giant Universe and its range of pro video effects and transitions, we couldn’t say no!

Long story short, if you’re wondering how to add effects to videos, or create pro video effects – then Universe could be great option for you. In this Red giant Universe Review video, we run through my thoughts after putting it through its paces, how you can use it, and who we think it’s great for!

NOTE: This is NOT sponsored. Red Giant just gave us access to try out Universe, and we loved it! It’s a great solution for much of the Primal Video community, so we put together this video.



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