Best Video Editing App for Android (Late 2017!)

Looking for the ultimate Android video editor? Here’s our current pick for the BEST Video Editing App for Android (and why!)


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Best Video Editing App for Android (Late 2017!)

Every year, the video editing apps on Android and iPhone seem to get more and more powerful… We did a full overview of the video editor landscape on both Android and iOS late last year, but there have been some significant app updates since then, so it’s time for a fresh review.

In the last round, we narrowed the choices down to Cyberlink’s PowerDirector, and KineMaster. Both have had some significant updates since then, but there is now one clear leader when it comes to the BEST Android editing app…

In this video, we take a quick look at the current Video Editing App landscape, what’s changed with the leading Android video editors since last year, and my recommendations for the BEST Video Editing app for Android right now!

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