Best Video Lighting for YouTube (on all Budgets!)

The ultimate guide to lighting for videos! Check out the best video lighting for youtube on all budgets.


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Portable LEDs
Tolifo PT-176S (Amazon)
YongNuo YN300 Air (Amazon)

StudioPRO Softbox Lighting Kit (Amazon)

Studio LEDs
StudioPRO S-600BN LED Kit (Amazon)

Best Video Lighting for YouTube (on all Budgets!)

When it comes to video lighting, there are some awesome options available. But the BEST lighting for video differs for each person, depending on what’s important to you, the style of videos you’re creating, as well as your budget. After trying and testing a huge number of LED video lighting kits, video studio lights, and portable video lights in this video Justin covers his top video lighting recommendations, and the best lighting for YouTube videos on every budget!



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