Best Webinar Software for you? Feat. Steve Dotto!

What’s the BEST Webinar Software for you? Webinar expert Steve Dotto runs through everything you need to know about the top options!


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Best Webinar Software for you? Feat. Steve Dotto!

Webinars, web conferences, web seminars – whatever you decide to call them – are an incredibly powerful tool to not only engage with and teach your audience live, but also to sell your products or services LIVE online!

There’s definitely an art to effective webinars, and there’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the right software for webinars…

With a LONG history of running successful webinars, tech expert Steve Dotto is widely regarded as one of the Kings in the space! Over at, and via his DottoTech YouTube channel, Steve provides a TON of tips and tutorials helping people to unleash their inner geek and harness the tech, tools and gadgets that can increase productivity both in and out of the workplace.

After bumping into Steve at Social Media Marketing World, we were lucky enough to get him on camera to discuss his thoughts on the BEST Webinar software, and what to consider when deciding which web conferencing software or webinar platform is best for you.



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