Binaural Microphones for 3D Sound: Sennheiser Smart Headset vs Scenes Lifelike!

Looking for the BEST Binaural Microphones for 3D sound without the PRO price tag? Check out this Sennheiser Smart Headset vs Scenes Lifelike Review!


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Scenes Lifelike (Amazon)
Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset (Amazon)

Binaural Microphones for 3D Sound: Sennheiser Smart Headset vs Scenes Lifelike!

3D audio is nothing new but it’s an incredibly powerful (and awesome!) tool, and fortunately it’s recently become MUCH more accessible!

Not sure what 3D audio is? It’s definitely easier to show you than explain… (I’ve included a full demo in this video!)

The result is an incredibly immersive experience that can be a fantastic way to differentiate your content, and engage your viewers on a whole new level!

Most people who understand what 3D Sound is are familiar with the ‘Virtual Barbershop’ video that’s been circulating for a while now, demonstrating just how cool binaural audio can be. Others may be familiar with it being used in ASMR videos, with Binaural mics sometimes, correctly or incorrectly, being called ASMR microphones.

But until recently, your options for creating your own 360 audio like this have been to build a custom rig, or get your hands on some Professional gear with prices to match…

Enter Scenes Sound and Sennheiser, both professional audio companies who have recently produced consumer-friendly-priced headsets capable of generating some awesome 3d audio recordings!

In this video, we take a look at both the Scenes Lifelike 3D Audio Headset and the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset, putting the two head-to-head to see which is the best Binaural microphone!

Were we paid to talk about this? #FullDisclosure
Nope! Scenes offered to send us a free Lifelike headset to test. We gave them our standard terms: “We’d love to! BUT we can’t guarantee a video. We’ll put it through its paces, but we’ll only review it if we like & recommend it.” They agreed. We got one sent to us. We reached out to Sennheiser and let them know we’d be doing a video on Binaural microphones and we’d be keen to compare the two headsets, offering them the same terms. They agreed and sent us a prototype of the not-yet-released Smart Headset. We tested them both out. The rest is history! Where possible, we do use affiliate links in all of our content & descriptions (more details on that below!)



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