Blue Screen vs Green Screen: Which should you use?

What’s the difference between Green and Blue Screen and which should you use? Find out in this Blue Screen vs Green Screen Tutorial!


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+ Screenflow [Mac]
+ Final Cut Pro [Mac]
Adobe Premiere [PC & Mac]
+ Cyberlink PowerDirector [PC]

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Blue Screen vs Green Screen: Which should you use?

Green Screen is an incredibly powerful video creation tool. With the right process, it can significantly improve video quality AND the time it takes to create your videos! We recently released a video covering WHY you should use Green Screen, and in this video we look at the difference between Blue Screen and Green Screen to help you get started!

The answer is simple, but it’s a question that comes up a LOT! Green Screen vs Blue Screen – what’s the difference, and which should I use? We cover everything you need to know in this part of our Green Screen Tutorial series.

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