How To Create Animated Titles For Videos

Professional animated titles can make a BIG difference to the quality of your videos. In this video we’ll run through just how easy it is to create custom animated titles for your videos!


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Animated Title Templates

Adobe After Effects (Download a Free Trial here)

How To Create Animated Titles For Videos

We’re going to be using Adobe After Effects, so if you don’t have it you can grab a free trial.

Once you’ve got After Effects, you COULD start from scratch – but that would mean learning how to use After Effects and knowing exactly what you want to make… We’re all about doing things quick, so instead – jump onto a stock template site and you’ll easily find something you like that we can customize up FAST. I use VideoHive for all of mine. On the site, just navigate to After Effects > Titles to see a full list of the available templates and find something that works for you.

This video is focussed on creating animated titles, but check out VideoHive and you’ll see you can grab templates for full logo animations, intro screens and a bunch of other cool templates… PLUS – The basics you’ll learn in customizing your title in this video will give you a solid grounding to play around with these other animation templates and create more awesome animations for your videos!

This is exactly how I make my titles, and you’ll see it’s MUCH easier than it looks!



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