DIY Sound Proofing: Remove Echo and Increase Audio Quality in Videos

It’s easy to remove echo and increase audio quality in videos with some DIY sound proofing. Here are the best options, from Free to Professional grade!


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1-Inch Slab Memory Foam (Amazon)
Acoustic Foam Studio Soundproofing Panel 48″ X 24″ X 2.5″ (Amazon)
Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield (Amazon)
Generic Foam Soundproofing (Amazon)

DIY Sound Proofing: Remove Echo and Increase Audio Quality in Videos

Great audio is a key to a great video. Fortunately, with the right tools and setup it’s not hard to get decent results in most conditions

There are a number of simple ways to improve the quality of audio, and sound proofing is high on the list.

In this video we run through several simple sound proofing options, ranging from free to professional-grade than can help you remove echo and improve audio quality in videos!

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