DJI Osmo: Should you get one? (and why I'm upgrading)

DJI Osmo: Should you get one? (and why I’m upgrading)

The DJI Osmo LOOKS awesome, but should you get one? Here are my thoughts after regular use (and why I’m upgrading).


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DJI Osmo: Should you get one? (and why I’m upgrading)

The DJI Osmo looks like an awesome piece of kit… and it is. The 3-axis stabilization is incredible, and delivers results previously only available with expensive pro gear.

After using one for a while it’s clear it’s not for everyone though, and there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase to know it’s right for you.

In this video, we run through my thoughts on the DJI Osmo after regular use – and why I’m upgrading to the Osmo+.

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