Easy Video Transition Effects (Tutorial!)

Learn how to make video transition effects the easy way, and get professional results in your favorite video editing software in this quick tutorial!


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Easy Video Transition Effects (Tutorial!)

When used correctly, video transitions can add a whole new dimension to your content and unlock a TON of creativity. Creators like Peter McKinnon (https://www.youtube.com/petermckinnon) do this incredibly well! But the wrong transitions or just overuse of video effects can quickly become distracting for viewers, and detract from the overall quality of your videos.

I don’t use transitions often, but there are definitely scenes where they add a LOT to the overall feel of a video… But how (and where) do you get the right transitions for videos?

In this video we run through a video transition tutorial, stepping through how to use video transition effects the easy way, and my favorite site for getting professional video transition templates for Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and pretty much ANY other video editing software you’re using!



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