Edit Video Faster: Editing Backwards

This is one of those tips that if you don’t do it already, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner… It’s a simple way to edit video faster, and help you start from the best take for each shot without having to sift through potentially hours of footage to get there.


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Edit Video Faster: Editing Backwards

In a nutshell: Edit backwards.

What does this mean? Well, most people instinctively edit footage from start to finish, working from the first frame in all captured footage right through to the last. The issue is that most often the best shot you film is the last one you shoot for each scene (at the end of your footage!).

Instead, starting from the end of the footage and working backwards means you jump straight to the best shot first. It’s then just a matter of scanning through the rest of the shots to see if anything else needs to be added before moving to the next scene.

Yep, it’s that simple – but it WORKS! I’ve watched a few clients of mine both before and after adopting this approach to check the results, and the impact is nothing short of amazing. (Crazy for such a simple tip!)

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