Filming with iPhone: The Complete Guide to Shooting Video like a PRO!

The complete guide to getting Professional video results when Filming with iPhone!


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Tripod & Smartphone Holder:
Tripod + Phone Mount (Amazon)

Lavalier – BOYA BY-M1 (Amazon)
Shotgun – RODE VideoMicro (Amazon)
Wireless – RODE Filmmaker Kit (Amazon)

Lighting to 3.5mm Adaptors (for Microphones):
Lightning + Headphone (Amazon)

Portable Lights:
YongNuo YN300-Air (Amazon)
Aputure AL-M9 (Amazon)

Camera Apps:
FiLMiC Pro

Filming with iPhone: The Complete Guide to Shooting Video like a PRO!

Smartphones are an awesome tool for shooting videos. They’re not only super portable, they’re also incredibly simple to use and the cameras these days are capable of some amazing results!

The best part? Almost everyone has one, which means no excuses when it comes time to building your brand & business online with video!

While they are capable of great results out-of-the-box, with just some simple tips and tricks you can easily 10X your results with filming with smartphones…

In this video, we run through step-by-step how to film professional videos with an iPhone, our recommended low-cost video gear for iPhone, and the best iPhone video tips to get you awesome results, fast! No matter if you’re on the latest model and filming with an iPhone X or iPhone 8, or you’re using an iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or iPhone 7… The same process will help you get the MOST out of your device.



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