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It's Time to Level Up Your Video Production

You're probably here because you already KNOW producing regular video content is one of the best ways to grow your business, brand and influence online. But, like any Entrepreneur or Business Owner, you're always looking to improve your results.

You're searching for the best way to produce amazing quality videos as efficiently as possible... Tools to save time, boost quality and deliver MORE to your audience and customers... Simple techniques that can revolutionize your video production process and free up a TON of time for you to focus more on your business.

You are about to discover how Green Screen can help you achieve ALL of this​, and exactly how to do it.

Justin Brown

Primal Video

Why is Green Screen So Powerful?

Simple. It removes the need to base your entire setup and shoot around a pretty backdrop.
And THAT leads to some awesome benefits...

Save Time

Stop wasting time finding and setting up around a pretty backdrop. Instead, shoot in front of your Green Screen and drop in any background you like with just a few clicks!

Shoot Anywhere

Set up your personal Green Screen studio anywhere you have space: a home office, garage, the back room... and leave it setup so you're ready to shoot ANYTIME!

Increase Quality

Without the restrictions of a backdrop, you're free to set up your studio in an area with fewer environmental variables, removing issues like background noise, lighting changes and other interruptions.

Video Just Got Easier...

✓  Choose Your Own Background

Match your video background to your audience, topic and domain with just a few clicks, and change it as often as you like!

✓  Create a Permanent Studio

With the ability to shoot anywhere, you can find a quiet area of your home or office to set up a permanent (or semi-permanent) studio. No more set up & dismantling for every shoot, saving you a HEAP of time (and excuses).

✓  Shoot Anytime

Forget scouting for a nice location and waiting for the right time of day... Shoot anywhere in your home or office with a controlled setup and drop in your preferred background later.

✓  Increase Video Quality

The flexibility to shoot anywhere means you can choose an environment without unnecessary variables like lighting changes, background noise and interruptions.

✓  Create Videos Faster

With fewer environmental variables to fix in post-production, your editing is much easier AND faster!
As the experts always say: "Fix it when filming, NOT in post!"

Justin has been my secret weapon for leveraging some of the most powerful tools for building a global audience using video marketing.

Even though he won’t admit it, he’s a GENIUS with this stuff, and everyone serious about growing their businesses with video marketing MUST join Justin on his journey!

Gideon Shalwick


You've Never Seen Green Screen Like This Before...


Most people have only ever seen Green Screen done well in big budget movies and are used to seeing it done unbelievably poorly in regular content videos... So it’s no surprise that some people are a little sceptical when we start talking about how Green Screen can not only help produce videos faster, but in many cases with HIGHER quality.

What most people DON’T know is that technology has advanced to a point where you can now get great results in your home or office with just some basic gear and the right know-how. That means it's now possible to start shooting videos in any space in your home or office WITHOUT worrying about the backdrop and always get consistently awesome results — all with the freedom to choose a realistic backdrop tailored to your market.

The best part? Anyone can do it. Once you’re setup, it’s easy! Yet until recently you RARELY see it talked about, because until now only those with higher production budgets could pull it off professionally…

With the right setup and process, it’s easy to put yourself on a level playing field with the leading Content Producers and Entrepreneurs who are already taking advantage of this technology to get amazing results faster and more consistently than ever before.

Who is Green Screen Video Academy for?

The Entrepreneur

You're looking to grow your business, brand or influence online through video. Whether you've just started out, or have been building your empire for a long time now, you KNOW the value of video marketing and are looking for '80/20' video production tools and techniques to get maximum results with minimal input and time.

The Business Owner

You own a business and have some experience producing video content to help spread the word online. But video production is frustrating, the quality of your videos is underwhelming, or it's just not what you want to be spending so much time on so you're looking for ways to do it better and faster.

The Marketing Guru

You're a freelance marketer or work for a business and are responsible for the online presence of one or more companies. They may or may not already be producing regular video content, but you know that to maximize results they must improve quality and frequency - and you're looking for the best tools to help them do it!

If you're serious about producing better videos, and doing it faster, then you NEED to look at Green Screen.

Justin Brown

Primal Video

But Will It Work For My Videos..?

✓  YouTube & Content Videos

You bet. You can batch produce your content in front of your Green Screen any time that suits you, right from the comfort of your own home/office studio environment, and switch out the background to suit each and every video!

✓  Sales Videos

Of course! Tailor your sales videos with a unique background to match your product and audience. Oh, and for all you optimization junkies planning on customizing a sales video for several avatars (à la Ryan Levesque's 'Ask Method'), it's easy to create a more personalized setting for each video with the flip of a switch.... or background.

✓  Product Launch Content (PLC) Videos

Yep. And with Green Screen you can easily customize each individual PLC video to match a specific narrative. Plus, because it's easy to replicate the original environment and setting, you also have the flexibility to re-shoot specific sections of each video at a later date so you can seamlessly swap out specific parts and test new narratives, without having to re-shoot entire videos!

✓  Training Videos & Course Content

You bet. In fact, Green Screen will let you EASILY update your course content videos over time without losing the aesthetic of your original videos, or having to re-shoot the lot so they all match. Receiving too many questions on a specific topic or video? Just re-shoot that part, insert your original background and replace that one video with your new version — the background and setting will always match the rest of your course so you can update as much as you like!

✓  Real Estate & Property Videos

Yes! Whether it's a personal branding or marketing video to help educate your market or potential clients, or a sales video for a clients property — you can easily drop in a customized background to suit. We've seen Real Estate Agents produce some amazing results mixing property walkthrough footage in the background with the Agents themselves guiding viewers through in the foreground.

✓  ...[Insert Video Type]?

Green Screen works for a huge range of videos and these are just SOME of the types we get asked about most often. Bottom line — if you'd like the flexibility to change out the background in your videos or to save time setting up & shooting, then Green Screen is likely to be your answer.

The Fastest Way to get Pro Results with Green Screen

What Gear Do I Need to Get Started?

Green Screen Video Academy is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get awesome results, no matter your budget.


Whether you're starting off with your Smartphone and a few lights, or already have a top-of-the-line DSLR, you'll learn how to harness your device and setup to get the best results — and what to look for if you decide to upgrade in future.

Green Screen Video Academy covers exactly what to look for, where to find it, and how you can use what you already have. Here's the basic requirements:

- Camera: DSLR, point-and-shoot camera (most are great!), modern Smartphone (iPhone 6 / Samsung S6 or newer), or even a webcam like the Logitech C922!
- Lighting: Basic video lighting setup to cover the Green Screen and you (the talent!)
- Green Screen: Yep, you'll need a Green Screen (surprise!)
- Editing Software: There's a huge range of Green Screen-friendly software, including entry level options like iMovie, mid-level options like PowerDirector & Screenflow, and more advanced packages like Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro & Premiere.

Bottom line: Whether you're looking to get started with just the bare minimum, or go all out with a top-of-the-line setup, Green Screen Video Academy has you covered.

Why Do Most People Fail With Green Screen?

Simple. They don't have the right process.

Most people grab a Green Screen, some lights and a camera, and get straight to work... then wonder why their results turn out so bad.

Truth is, it's not hard to get great results with Green Screen. In fact, it can be incredibly easy! But you do need the right process.

Without training, you're forced to learn all the lessons the hard way... to find answers to questions you didn't even know to should be asking, like:

- What type and temperature of light bulbs are best for Green Screen?
- Exactly where should I position my lights, and at what angle?
- Which specific camera settings are best for my Green Screen?

These are just 3 questions most people don't know to ask. They go ahead blindly and are forced to spend countless hours figuring out the reasons for their poor results!

The beauty of Green Screen is once you KNOW the right process, it's simple to get amazing results, every time...

That's where Green Screen Video Academy comes in.

Green Screen Video Academy is a 6 module A-Z training course. You will learn everything you need to know to create amazing-looking videos with Green Screen!

Module 1

Green Screen 101​

Module 1 dives right into the 'What', 'Why' and 'How' of Green Screen. You'll develop a strong knowledge of the key principles behind successful Green Screen video production, as well as the critical elements separating Green Screen results that are 'just ok' from those that absolutely POP!

  • Establish a strong foundational knowledge of Green Screen, setting you up for success when the rubber hits the road in later modules.
  • Uncover the key elements needed for great results that most content producers don't consider until it's too late.

Module 2

Location & Backgrounds

Module 2 is all about finding a suitable location for your Green Screen studio, and choosing backgrounds! You'll run through EXACTLY what you need for an ideal studio environment, and how you can convert your unique space for best results.

  • Uncover the 4 key criteria to a great Green Screen Studio environment, and how you can adapt your space to match.
  • Learn how you can use almost any low-traffic space at home and create a new permanent or semi-permanent video production studio!
  • Discover the critical factors to consider to select a Green Screen Background Template that your audience will love!

Module 3

Gear & Software

With your location and background template ready, it's time to look at gear! Module 3 runs through everything you need for a great Green Screen setup, no matter what your starting position. You'll cover the exact specifications to look for, recommended brands and features, as well as how you can get started with what you already have (including modern Smartphones!)

  • Discover how to maximize results with your existing gear and minimal equipment.
  • Learn the key features and specifications that can make or break your Green Screen videos.
  • Uncover the ultimate Green Screen Gear Guide, including recommended gear, brands and software that won't break the budget.

Module 4


Time to create your new studio! Proper setup, positioning and configuration are essential to achieving great Green Screen results. Module 4 runs through the process end-to-end, including the hidden setup mistakes that ruin most Green Screen videos, and detailed step-by-step guidelines to avoid them!

  • Learn step-by-step how to set up your own Green Screen studio for optimal results.
  • Uncover the lighting and positioning pitfalls that wreak havoc on many Green Screen videos.
  • Learn how to setup and configure your DSLR, point-and-shoot or Smartphone for best results!
  • Discover the optimal Green Screen and talent positioning to get awesome results, every time.

Module 5


Everything is set up and ready to go. Now comes the fun part... It's time to get in front of the camera and shoot your videos! Module 5 runs through the simple filming checklist you need to get great results with any type of camera, every time.

  • Unlock your new Green Screen filming checklist with easy steps to maximize results.
  • Learn how to work best with your specific camera, from DSLR's to smartphones!

Module 6


The final step: Module 6 steps through exactly how to chroma key your Green Screen footage, add your background templates, and configure for the most realistic results. You'll find detailed walkthroughs guiding you through the major software packages so you're covered no matter what your preferred platform.

  • Discover the ultimate Green Screen editing process for professional, realistic results.
  • Follow step-by-step guides for leading software packages, including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X and Screenflow!

You'll also receive these bonuses
worth over $500!


6 Realistic Green Screen Background Templates ($222 value)

Kick off your Green Screen content production with the ultimate bundle of Realistic Green Screen Background Templates! You'll receive 6 templates to use in all of your Green Screen videos right away (regularly $37 each).

Each 1080p Realistic Video Background template contains subtle, natural movement combined with post-production effects replicating the depth-of-field that viewers expect from professional cameras to make your green screen videos look realistic!


Bonus Module: Shooting a Green Screen Background ($147 value).

Want to create your OWN unique Green Screen Background template? This Bonus Module runs through step-by-step how to shoot any backdrop and convert it into a custom Green Screen Background template you can use anytime in your Green Screen videos!


Bonus Module: How to Livestream with Green Screen ($87 value).

Green Screen is an incredibly powerful tool, but why stop with just pre-recorded videos? Learn to harness the power of Green Screen in your Live Streams and take your Live content to a whole new level.


Bonus Module: How to Edit Green Screen on iPhone and Android ($67 value).

Smartphones and tablets are awesome video creation tools, and with the right apps and process you can now edit Green Screen videos right from your iPhone or Android mobile device! This Bonus Module covers everything you need to know to start creating amazing Green Screen videos with just your smartphone or tablet.

Justin Brown

Primal Video

Green Screen Video Academy is the 'dream' package I would have wanted years ago, before I invested hundreds of hours figuring everything out for myself...

Bryan Webb

Green Screen Video Academy Student

There are so many products and services that 'say' they can help your business, but this course was worth every penny!

If you intend to pursue Green Screen this is a must!

Tom James

Green Screen Video Academy Student

Stephen Byrne

Green Screen Video Academy Student

I'd tried other training before and not succeeded. Green Screen Video Academy is amazing: brief, clear, inspiring.

If you've been like me, unable to find a simple but thorough explanation of how to use Green Screen, you need Green Screen Video Academy.

Viviann Napp

Green Screen Video Academy Student

100% money-back guarantee.

Sometimes it's hard to decide if an investment like this is really for you. We get it. It's normal. That's why we give you a full 30 days to test drive the course and put it into action.

We're very confident you'll be more than happy with your results and the change Green Screen will make to your production process (hence the guarantee). We've packed a TON of value in this course to make it the Ultimate Green Screen resource for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Marketers alike. All we ask is that you commit to giving it a real try.

So, if within 30 days you find you're not getting the results you expected, or have given it a try and decided that Green Screen is not for you, just send us an email letting us know where you got stuck along with some screenshots of your progress and we'll issue you a full refund. We'll also try and help where we can - no hard feelings!

The Ultimate Resource for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Marketers.

Here's what you get:

Green Screen Video Academy Training

The core 6 module A-Z training, teaching you exactly how to create amazing looking videos with Green Screen, FAST!

Regularly $397

PLUS Over $500 in Bonuses!


6 Realistic Background Templates

$222 value

6 realistic background templates to kick off your Green Screen content production, ready to use in all of your Green Screen videos right away.


Shooting a Green Screen Background: Bonus Module

$147 value

This Bonus module runs through step-by-step how to shoot any backdrop and convert it into an custom Green Screen Background template you can use anytime in your Green Screen videos.


How to Livestream with Green Screen: Bonus Module

$87 value

Learn to harness the power of Green Screen in your Live Streams and take your Live content to a whole new level.


How to Edit Green Screen on iPhone and Android: Bonus Module

$67 value

This Bonus Module covers everything you need to know to to start creating amazing Green Screen videos with just your smartphone or tablet.

You already know the massive impact video can have on your business.

It's time to start producing better videos, faster.

*Protected by our 30 Day Guarantee*

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