How to Color Correct Video (The 101 Guide!)

Learn how to color correct videos when editing, the best tools for fixing video colors, and the key steps you can take to prevent issues when filming!


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DaVinci Resolve
Adobe Premiere

How to Color Correct Video (The 101 Guide!)

Colors are a HUGE deal in video… They’re a big part of what grabs your audience’s attention, reels them in and gets them engaging with the whole experience. A flat color profile, or something that’s off-color is incredibly distracting and it looks…. not… good.

Now, color correction itself can be incredibly subjective… There’s also a LOT of depth you can get into (get it? color depth?… ha) In fact, there’s professionals who do JUST do color correction for big budget productions!

Fortunately – you don’t need that for your regular marketing or YouTube videos, and there’s a few quick pointers you can use that will get you most of the results without much effort.

In this video we’ll take a crash course on ‘color correction for videos’, covering the key basics you need to know to pump up those colors and get your videos looking great, fast!

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