How to Find Music for Videos (Choosing the RIGHT Music!)

Learn how to find music for videos, and how to pick the BEST music for your content!


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Recommended Royalty Free Music Websites:
Epidemic Sound


Video Background Music: Best Royalty Free Music Sites!

How to Find Music for Videos (Choosing the RIGHT Music!)

Music is a key factor in ANY video content. The right songs at the right time can get you pumped up (!), make you feel sad, help you feel motivated & inspired, and even get you FOCUSSED when it’s time to learn something.

In fact, music is one of the MOST underrated tools for boosting engagement, increasing watch time, and driving conversions in video. It’s incredibly powerful, and the BEST way to get your audience thinking & FEELING the emotions you want them to feel when watching your content!

Bottom line: pairing the right songs with the right clips in your videos can easily level up your content no matter what style you’re producing, or the topic you’re presenting…

There’s a TON of royalty free music for videos available out there though… so how do you choose the right songs for your content?

In this video, we run through my top tips for how to find music for YouTube videos, case study videos, sales videos… you name it – and the key things to consider when choosing which tracks to use for the best results!



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