How To Fix Video Noise: Remove Grain With This NEAT Plugin!

We’ve all seen plenty of videos full of grainy footage or visible noise. It’s incredibly common, especially when filming in low light or using a lower budget camera with a smaller sensor. Unless it’s the effect you’re going for, noisy footage will *at-best* lower the quality of your videos, but *at worst* it could render your footage completely unusable.


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How To Fix Video Noise: Remove Grain With This NEAT Plugin!

You’ll also frequently get noise when dealing with footage shot on older cameras, or recorded from non-digital sources, like analog TV or VHS. In fact, “grain” or “noise” is typically an effect film producers add to footage to make it LOOK older!

There ARE a number of free options to “reduce” video noise. I’ve played with a LOT of them but none achieve anything close to a professional result. The best solution I’ve found is a professional grade plugin that costs just $80US.

That plugin is called Neat Video. It’s used by a huge number of professional editors, and works with all major professional editing software (including Premiere, FinalCut & Avid).

I use it ALL the time to polish up noisy footage for my clients. I honestly can’t count the number of times Neat Video has almost completely fixed footage that I thought was completely unusable… It’s incredibly simple to use and the results are fantastic! In this video we’ll take you through exactly how to use it.

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