How To Record Skype Calls and Interviews in HD

Video Interviews are a great way to generate awesome content for your viewers. You can easily interview experts from all over the world quickly and easily online, and get great quality results with some very basic software and equipment.


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► [MAC] Call Recorder for Skype
► [PC] Pamela

► [Webcam] Logitech C920 (Amazon)

Skype and Hangouts Interviews: Preventing Dropouts and Slowdowns

How To Record Skype Calls and Interviews in HD.

There are a number of options when it comes to running your call: Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime… But Skype tends to be the most widespread and has effectively become the de-facto standard – it’s my go-to for online interviews. Skype also happens to have some great third-party software available for High Definition call recording – and that’s what we’ll be running through in this video.

First off, remember we’re going to be recording in HD – that’s TWO HD video streams (one out and one in for each interview participant) running concurrently… results are ALWAYS going to depend on the internet speed and reliability of everyone in the call. Always make sure you’ve got a good connection before you start, because this can easily ruin a great interview! Check out this video for an overview on how to check this before you start.

Now, jumping straight into software… There ARE some free options available on both Mac and PC. I’ve tried a few, and honestly – none have met the bar for me for a variety of reasons. If you’re on Mac for example, you can record your entire screen in Quicktime, but you’ll have to crop out all the surrounding screen real estate which means you’ll end up with a lower definition result. Not ideal…

My go-to software is Call Recorder for Skype by eCamm on Mac. This is by far the best call recording software I’ve used, and I recommend it to all my clients, BUT it does only work on Mac.

If you’re a Windows user, I’d suggest checking out Pamela. It also does a good job and is the best I’ve found on Windows, but is not quite as good as the Call Recorder for Skype alternative on Mac.

This video will run through exactly how to setup and record a call on Skype Call Recorder, and all the key settings/options you should be aware of.



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