How to Record Your Screen on Windows! (Screen Capture Windows Tutorial)

Learn how to record your screen on Windows in this complete screen capture Windows tutorial!


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How to Record Your Screen on Windows! (Screen Capture Windows Tutorial)

Screen captures are a great way to step your audience through a process on-screen, teach them how to use an app or software, record a presentation with slides, or even to capture b-roll of product pages or websites for your videos. In fact, screen captures are one of the easiest ways to create b-roll, so if you’re not using them you DEFINITELY should be.

There are a few different ways to record your Windows screen, and lots of screen recorder software options to choose from – ranging from free screen recorders up to paid video editing software suites.

If you’re a PC user, in this screen capture Windows tutorial we’ll run through exactly how to record your screen on Windows, and the best screen recorder software for you no matter what your budget!



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