How to Sync Video and Audio: Multiple Cameras and Tracks

When I first started out in video production, on my first multi-camera shoot I had no idea how to sync video tracks from multiple sources. I sat there for hours trying to manually sync up all the video and audio tracks for editing (If you’ve ever tried this you know how painful it can be!) It didn’t take long for me to discover there was a much quicker way…

How to Sync Video and Audio: Multiple Cameras and Tracks

You’ve probably seen a clapper board many times before, but not known exactly what it’s for… Well, it’s a tool filmmakers use to simplify the process of syncing up their footage across multiple cameras and microphones. The way it works is incredibly simple: The board provides both a visual and audio marker at a specific moment in time that filmmakers can use in post-production to sync up each camera/microphone.

You can easily use the same method to sync up your audio and video sources, even without a clapper board – and that’s what we’re running through in this video!

Hope this saves you some serious time too!
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Thanks tons for explaining that really simple trick
Love it. I’m going to go test it out as soon as I get my new camera with the external mic attachment.

No Problem Carol! I hope it saves you a ton of time 🙂

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