How to use a Teleprompter for Videos!

How To Use a Teleprompter for Videos!

If used properly a Teleprompter can help you shoot higher quality videos, MUCH faster! This video covers how to use a Teleprompter for the best results!

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How To Use a Teleprompter for Videos!

Look in any serious news room or production studio, and a teleprompter will be front and center. Why? Because it can make your job on camera SO much easier.

Regardless of what brand you use (or whether you build one yourself using one of the many DIY videos on YouTube), a Teleprompter can help you nail your shot faster and film in less takes.

If used properly, you can really amp up the quality of your presentation. Not only that, shooting in less takes means less footage, and less footage means faster editing!

As always, there are a few key things to remember when using a Teleprompter to get the best results, and they’re not always right for every video or style. In this video we run through my tips on how to use a teleprompter for the best results in your videos!

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