Ideas for Videos: How To Find Great Content Topics

We all know the power of online video, and regular *useful* Video Content is the BEST way to grow your audience. Whether you’re already producing content regularly, or are looking to start out – finding relevant topics that are not only VALUABLE for your audience but are going to RANK well and attract new subscribers can be tough..


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Ideas for Videos: How To Find Great Content Topics.

I know I’ve hit a brick wall with video ideas a few times in the past… But we’ve recently been trying a few different approaches to make sure we’re helping Primal Video subscribers as much as possible. As a result, we’ve now got a huge backlog of great topics with more coming in faster than we can churn out videos!

It’s definitely not rocket science. We’re certainly not the first to come up with these tactics or tackle the problem this way – most marketers will tell you exactly the same thing! But, if you’re struggling with content ideas: I’ll run you through six of the ways we’ve found most helpful to start generating a list of awesome topics for your audience.

This is by no means an exhaustive list – but these six tactics should be more than enough to generate MONTHS of new topics. It all sounds simple. But once you get this engine up and running, it’ll start to feed itself – and the topics will keep rolling in!

If you’ve found any other ways to generate new topics for your audience, share them with the rest of the Primal Video community in the comments!

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