Intro to Green Screen for Entrepreneurs [Part 2] - Primal Video


Intro to Green Screen for Entrepreneurs


Setting Up For Success

Learn the ultimate process for getting awesome results with Green Screen.

Part 2 gets a lot more practical as we move from the theory behind Green Screen (covered in Part 1) to HOW you can start using it!

In this workshop  we'll cover all the basics you need to know when setting up to get awesome results with Green Screen: what to look for with gear, optimizing settings, positioning lighting and setup. You'll also learn the key factors to consider when choosing the right backgrounds (an important decision!)

Your FREE Bonus...

This bonus template is an exclusive just for members of the Intro to Green Screen training series... We normally license these backgrounds out for $37 each, but this is yours to use in your future videos absolutely FREE!
And stay tuned... In Part 3 we'll show you how to USE your new Green Screen Background template and edit your first Green Screen video!
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