How To Color Correct Videos... FAST! (Works in most software)

LIVE SESSION: How To Color Correct Videos FAST! (All Major Editing Software)

—– LIVE SESSION —– (Aired: 7pm USA EST, Tuesday 19th Jan 2016)

Welcome to the FIRST Primal Video LIVE YouTube Tutorial Session!

This week we covered video color correction, and how you can color correct videos and achieve professional results… FAST!

Color correction is a great way to significantly improve the look, feel and quality of your videos. It’s something EVERYONE producing videos should be familiar with and use regularly.

Now, you can get as complex as you want in this field – but we’re all about getting great results with minimal effort so I’ll be running through just what you need to know to take your videos to the next level. It’s the same process I use to color correct my weekly videos!

Oh, and it also works with most major editing software (Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, etc.) so you can get up and running right after the session with your own videos!

Tune in next week for our next LIVE session!


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