How to Livestream to Facebook and Youtube… AT THE SAME TIME!

How to Livestream to Facebook and Youtube… SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Facebook and YouTube are two of the bigger Livestream players, but until now there’s been no way to use them both simultaneously… This video will show you how to Livestream to BOTH Facebook and YouTube at the same time!

Wirecast Studio:

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How to Livestream to Facebook and Youtube… SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Wirecast ( has just added support for Facebook Live, meaning you can leverage all of Wirecast’s pro features like multi-camera input and management, and stream live to Facebook (Click here to check out our video on that).

BUT, more importantly, this ALSO opens up Livestreaming to MULTIPLE platforms…

This video runs through what the new Wirecast functionality enables, and how you can use it to Livestream to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.

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Brilliant video and information. I shall subscribe to your channel, as I have been struggling with aspects of live streaming.

Thank you so much

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