How to Livestream to Multiple Channels on YouTube!

How to Livestream to Multiple Channels on YouTube!

Livestreaming and cross-channel collaboration are powerful tools.. Here’s how to do BOTH at the same time and Livestream to Multiple Channels on YouTube!


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How to Livestream to Multiple Channels on YouTube!

Livestreaming is an awesome way to really ENGAGE with your audience, and interact on a whole new level. It’s great, but I got to thinking… there’s got to be a way to take this to the next level…

Looking at other tools or approaches for really accelerating growth and exposure, it’s hard to go past Collaboration…. By that, I mean collaborating, working with, interviewing, or somehow partnering with other content producers of interest to your audience and viewers…
If you haven’t tried it yet, the benefits can be massive. Someone producing content you enjoy or find helpful is always of great interest to your audience. By collaborating, this content producer has the opportunity to get in front of your audience, and likewise – YOU have the opportunity to get in front of theirs! It is by far the quickest, easiest way to grow your audience and reputation online. The bigger the partner you’re collaborating with and the greater the overlap in audience profile, the better the growth.

SO! Livestream and collaboration… How could we leverage these two awesome tools together? Well, the Primal Video team did some experimenting, a bunch of testing, and we’ve found a way…

Recently I ran a livestream with Gideon Shalwick LIVE… to BOTH of our YouTube channels. It was a small test, one neither of us pushed ahead of time – but it was a complete success and everything went smoothly. We were both interacting with eachothers audiences LIVE. After some more testing, it’s clear you can easily run a livestream to not just TWO channels simultaneously… but 3 or even MORE! The potential for this is huge, PLUS the videos will remain on ALL of the channels after the event. It’s perfect for interviews, regular content videos, product launches… you name it!

The best part is – it’s simple. And In this video we show you EXACTLY how to do it.

What you need: Wirecast Studio

The key here is that you are only using one Wirecast program on a single PC or Mac to push the livestream out to two or more (I’ve tested 3) YouTube channels.
You can likely push to more, but the limit will be determined by your CPU power and internet connection – so make sure you test thoroughly before your actual event!

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