Livestreaming Gear: My Basic Setup for Events

Livestreaming your events is a great way to maximize exposure and get a LOT more people attending than just those you can get into a room. It’s also easy to record stream and upload to YouTube or make it available to your attendees after the event. Bottom line – it’s a good idea.


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Livestreaming Gear: My Basic Setup for Events

It’s not that hard to do it either. I’ll have another video in the next few weeks explaining just HOW easy it is (step by step) – but this week I’m showing the gear I use specifically for events (basic one-camera setup), and what you should look for when choosing your camera.

As I always do when we start talking gear, I need to stress that you should NOT get caught up on the tech or use it as an excuse to delay or avoid producing your content. You DON’T need the same tech or a camera like the one I use – but a trigger zoom IS handy (as you’ll see in the video 🙂 ). Just get out there and start creating!



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