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Microphones for iPhone & Android (NO Headphone Jack!)

Best Android and iPhone Microphone options with NO Headphone Jack! The top solutions & recommended microphones for iPhone & Android.


► Lavalier – BOYA BY-M1 (Amazon).
► Shotgun – RODE VideoMicro (Amazon).
► Wireless – RODE Filmmaker Kit (Amazon).
+ More Lightning Microphones… (Amazon).

Adaptors WITH Power Input:
iPhone: Lightning + Headphone (Amazon).
Android: USB-C + Headphone (Amazon).

Bluetooth Headphones:
Apple AirPods (Amazon).
Google Pixel Buds.
Samsung Gear IconX (Amazon).

Bluetooth Microphone:
Sony AW4 Bluetooth Microphone (Amazon).

Mount & Tripod:
Arkon Tripod & Phone Mount (Amazon).
Extension Bar (Amazon).

3.5mm TRRS Microphone Adaptors:
TRS to TRRS Cable (Amazon).
TRS to TRRS Adaptor (Amazon).

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Microphones for iPhone & Android (NO Headphone Jack!)

iPhone and Android Smartphones are awesome tools for creating video content. They’re incredibly convenient, the camera quality in the latest phones is great – and it’s only getting better! The biggest issue, however, is that most people tend to rely too much on the internal microphones (or a set of headphones) and the resulting audio can massively degrade the quality of any videos…

We’ve covered the different microphone options for Smartphones in the past – but ALL of these have relied on a 3.5mm port, or headphone jack, to connect… With Apple canning the headphone port back when they released the iPhone 7, and newer Android phones heading the same way (thanks, Pixel… 😢) – it’s time for an update with some NEW options!

In this video, we take a look at the options when it comes to microphones for iPhone & Android with NO headphone jack, along with some of the best iPhone microphones and Android mic’s – no matter what device you’re using.

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