Mini Shotgun Mic REVIEW! RODE VideoMicro vs. BOYA BY-MM1 - Primal Video

Mini Shotgun Mic REVIEW! RODE VideoMicro vs. BOYA BY-MM1

Mini Shotgun Mic Review! RODE VideoMicro and BOYA BY-MM1 head-to-head – which is the best compact shotgun microphone for iPhone/Android and DSLR?


Shotgun Microphones:
► RODE VideoMicro (Amazon).
BOYA BY-MM1 (Amazon).

Lavalier Microphone:
BOYA BY-M1 (Amazon).

3.5mm TRRS Microphone Adaptors:
TRS to TRRS Cable (Amazon).
TRS to TRRS Adaptor (Amazon).

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Mini Shotgun Mic REVIEW! RODE VideoMicro vs. BOYA BY-MM1

Shotgun mics (or boom mics) are a worthy addition to any video kit. As directional microphones, they allow you to capture great audio within a targeted frame, reducing ambient noise non-directional microphones would otherwise capture. There are several advantages of using shotgun microphones, and they can provide a great deal of flexibility when shooting outdoors or in changing environments.

Where sizing and portability is a concern, there are even portable shotgun mic options available that are capable of some great results! In this video we take a look at two compact shotgun mics – the RODE VideoMicro and the BOYA BY-MM1 – with a full comparison to help you decide which is the BEST shotgun mic for iPhone, Android and DSLR on-the-go!

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