Multicam Livestream Video Switcher: Elgato Stream Deck Review!

Easily control multiple cameras, screen shares or gaming streams LIVE using a Multicam Livestream Video Switcher! Find out how in this Elgato Stream Deck Review!


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Elgato Stream Deck Video Switcher (Amazon)

Multicam Livestream Video Switcher: Elgato Stream Deck Review!

If you’ve been doing any multi camera live streams, or livestreams where you’ve needed to switch between multiple video streams like screen shares, video content, chat windows, or gaming streams – you’ve probably noticed how frustrating it can be bringing up the right video at the right time… Live!

Fortunately, there are tools out there that can make your life MUCH easier! (Literally, with the press of a button!)

They’re called video switchers, and they allow you to map all your different video sources to buttons on a keypad so you can easily switch between cameras and video streams on the fly.

No matter if you’re live streaming to Twitch, Facebook Live or YouTube Live, and using OBS, Wirecast, XSplit, Vmix, Twitch… they work for pretty much all platforms and software! It’s a small piece of hardware that could literally change the game for your live streams.

In this video, we take a look at just how to use a video switcher, and the specific product we use to control our multicam live stream setup – the Elgato Stream Deck!

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