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Overhead Video Recording: How to Shoot Top Down Video

Learn how to shoot top down video, and find the best overhead video recording setup for you!


Adjustable Microphone/Boom Stand (for Small Cameras only):
Adjustable Microphone Stand (Usable for Small Cameras) (Amazon)
– Video Camera mounting Adaptor (Amazon)

Small Tripod with Flippable Head
SLIK VideoSprint 2 (Amazon)

Smartphone Overhead Mount
Arkon Overhead Mount (Amazon)

Tripod Crane Arm
Tripod Crane Arm (Amazon)

Roof/Wall Mount
Arkon Camera Roof/Wall Mount (Amazon)

On-Stage Overhead Bracket/Light Stand:
On-Stage Overhead Bracket/Light Stand (Amazon)

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Overhead Video Recording: How to Shoot Top Down Video

A top down camera angle is great for getting your viewers immersed in what you’re doing on a tabletop. Whether you’re trying to film cooking videos, drawing videos from above, demo videos, or shoot any other tabletop videos – it’s easy to get great results.

In this video we run through the best overhead camera rigs (that won’t break the budget) to film a desk from above from a top down camera perspective, that you can easily use to shoot great cooking, craft, app review, drawing or any other overhead tutorial videos!

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