Week 3: Editing and Post-Production - Primal Video

Week 3: Editing and Post-Production

Week 3 is all about how to EDIT your new Green Screen videos for awesome results!


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Quick Video Shortcuts

►Introduction: Start.
►[Announcement] New Bonuses!: 0hr 3min 58sec
►Q&A from the Week: 0hr 9min 14sec
►Walkthrough – ScreenFlow: 0hr 24min 49sec
►Walkthrough – Final Cut Pro X: 0hr 51min 09sec
►Walkthrough – Adobe Premiere: 1hr 11min 56sec
►Closing: 1hr 32min 55sec

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New Bonuses Announced!

[NEW BONUS 1] Hot Seat/Teardown LIVE Session in Week 5

In addition to the 4 regular LIVE Sessions, this extra Bonus session in week 5 will be the perfect opportunity for you to share your new Green Screen Videos and get LIVE feedback and suggestions right there during the Session! Consider it a ‘teardown’ where you can show your Green Screen results and setup, and we can provide tips and guidance on how to fix any issues or challenges you’re facing. These sessions are a GREAT way to tackle any problems you’re facing, and learn from others in the group.

We’ll be holding this session during Week 5 at the same time as our regular LIVE Sessions. Stay tuned for more info!

[NEW BONUS 2] EXTRA MODULE: How To Livestream With Green Screen.

We’ve had a lot of questions around Live Streaming, and it seems a lot of you are really looking forward to trying out Green Screen LIVE…

So! We’re adding in a BONUS module running you through EXACTLY how to use Green Screen in your LIVE streams in a completely new module in Week 5! We’ll show you how to use Wirecast to get awesome Green Screen results on your Live Streams.

This bonus module will run for approximately 30 minutes, and we’ll start it 30 minutes before the bonus Teardown session in week 5.

Both of these new bonuses are completely free to you as members of COMPLETE Green Screen LIVE! 🙂

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