Professional Audio for Smartphones: Saramonic SmartMixer (iPhone & Android!)

Smartphones are an awesome tool for producing great quality content, fast. With just some basic add-ons you can easily overcome a lot of the shortfalls, especially around audio quality. We’ve covered some great plug-in microphones like the BOYA BY-M1 in the past, BUT until recently I hadn’t found a decent way to get professional-grade audio using pro-equipment into a Smartphone, without breaking the bank.

Saramonic SmartMixer: (Amazon)

BOYA BY-M1 Video
BOYA BY-M1: (Amazon)

Professional Audio for Smartphones: Saramonic SmartMixer (iPhone & Android!)

Enter the Saramonic SmartMixer ( (Amazon)). After putting this thing through its paces, I think I’ve finally found one worthy of my travel bag.

In this video, I’ll run through my thoughts and experiences on the unit. In summary: If you’re looking for a great way to take your audio to the next level when filming with your smartphone, you should DEFINITELY check it out.

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