Repair Grainy Footage & Fix Noisy Video: Red Giant Denoiser vs NEAT Video Plugin

Looking to repair grainy footage or fix noisy video? Find out how to do it, and which is the best plugin for the job! Magic Bullet Denoiser vs NEAT Video.


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Red Giant Magic Bullet Denoiser
NEAT Video

Repair Grainy Footage & Fix Noisy Video: Red Giant Denoiser vs NEAT Video Plugin

Noisy footage or grainy video is usually caused by a combination of factors, like your camera sensor size, lens and settings – especially when shooting in low light or conditions where you need to bump up the ISO or digital exposure more than you’d like to get the shot. If you’ve been shooting any videos under these conditions, you’ve no doubt encountered it in your own footage!

The problem is, it doesn’t look great and can significantly lower the production quality of your videos. Fortunately there are a few Pro-tools out there that can quickly and easily fix your grainy footage. They’re incredibly easy to use and work with most major editing software! So whether you’re looking for video noise reduction in Premiere Pro or to fix grainy footage in Final Cut Pro – there’s likely an option to help you do it.

In the past we’ve taken a look at NEAT Video, one of the leading options, and how it can help solve the problem. But Red Giant have since updated their offering in Magic Bullet Denoiser III and it’s a very powerful alternative!

So, when Red Giant reached out asking if we’d like to put their latest Magic Bullet Denoiser 3 through it’s paces, we jumped at the chance!

How did the Red Giant Denoiser compare to the NEAT video plugin? In this video we’ll take a look at Magic Bullet Denoiser vs NEAT Video, provide my thoughts on which is best for you, and run through how to fix your grainy videos!

NOTE: This is NOT sponsored. Red Giant just gave us access to try out Denoiser!



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