Ring Light Review: Why you SHOULDN’T use Diva Ring Lights for Video Lighting!

Learn why you SHOULDN’T use Diva Ring Lights for Video Lighting in this Ring Light Review!


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Ring Light Review: Why your SHOULDN’T use Diva Ring Lights for Video Lighting!

Ring lights, Diva lights, circle lights… whatever you call them – they’re a popular type of lighting for creators. While they DO have some advantages, like ease-of-use and consistent lighting, there are a few downsides that often don’t get a mention.

Whenever I’m asked “should I get a Ring light for my videos?” – my answer is almost always NO. When it comes to video lighting, there are much better options available (that’s why diva ring lights didn’t even get a mention in our “Best Video Lighting for YouTube” video!)

No matter what type of ring light you’re considering, whether it’s on a pro ring light for phone or DSLR videos, or one of those small selfie ring lights you can take anywhere… If you’re considering a ring light for youtube videos we’ll cover everything you need to know BEFORE you buy in this ring light review!



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