Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: VIDEO CAMERA Review!

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is an awesome phone, but how does it perform when shooting video? Find out in this Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Video Camera Review!


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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: VIDEO CAMERA Review!

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ recently released, along with some pretty amazing specs and a whole lot of promises… Samsung Australia was kind enough to send us a brand new S8 Plus, and I’ve been using it as my daily phone ever since (sorry Pixel XL).

BUT, how does the Samsung Galaxy s8 camera stack up for video? Is it everything Samsung said it would be for shooting videos? Is the S8 Plus camera the best android camera for video? Or perhaps even the best smartphone camera for video? We put the S8 Plus Video Camera through its paces and give you our thoughts in this video.

NOTE: We don’t discuss the regular phone features, this is JUST about the video camera. Regarding all that other stuff – the phone is great, and it’s my daily phone for a reason… (Like many others though, I’m just not a fan of Bixby and that dedicated Bixby button 😉 ).



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