You're In!

Welcome to Primal Video Accelerator!

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So what's next?
Brace yourself. There's already a TON ready and waiting for you inside your new PVA Portal, and we've got some BIG things lined up for you over the next few months.
As for right now, we've got a few emails coming your way, including:
  • Your new Login details to access the PVA Portal; and
  • A receipt for your payment.
That little email in #1 above is where the fun really starts (unless you're particularly into receipts I guess...?)

Those Login details are your keys to the PVA Portal - the 'hub' of everything PVA, where you'll get access to all the exclusive training, fast-track checklists, templates & guides to help you take your video creation and marketing to a WHOLE new level.

Can't wait to see you on the inside.

- Justin, Mike and the Primal Video team.
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