3 Thumbnail Tips to Get More Views on YouTube!

YouTube Thumbnails are CRITICAL for video optimization and getting clicked in search results. Here’s 3 Thumbnail Tips to Get More Views on YouTube FAST!


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Want to Outsource your Thumbnails? Here’s who we use:
Design Pickle

Recommended Tools for DIY YouTube Thumbnails:

BASIC – Keynote (Mac)
BASIC – Powerpoint (Windows)
BASIC – Canva (Online)
ADVANCED – Adobe Photoshop

Recommended YouTube Channels to check out:
Roberto Blake
Think Media (Sean Cannell)
Nick Nimmin
Brian G Johnson

3 Thumbnail Tips to Get More Views on YouTube!

Ask anyone what is the FIRST thing they see in the search results on YouTube, and the answer invariably comes back as one of two things: Video Titles, or Thumbnails.

The number 2? Whichever wasn’t listed as number 1… 😉

Point is, Thumbnails are key to not only drawing attention to your video, but getting potential viewers to click your content over all the other options! This makes your YouTube thumbnails an absolutely critical part of your overall channel and video optimization…

When YouTube shows your videos in search, suggested videos, or anywhere else on the platform – it’s tracking how many clicks it gets vs. the videos around it. If your video gets clicked less than the other options presented to users, you can bet YouTube’s algorithm will factor in the lower performance when decide when, where or IF to show your video again!

In this video we run through 3 Thumbnail Tips to help you create effective video thumbnails that attract viewers, brand your channel, and help you get more views on YouTube!



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