Video Lighting Tutorial (Video Lighting for Beginners!)

Video Lighting for Beginners! The ultimate video lighting tutorial with tips, techniques and gear to get great results, FAST!


Lighting Kits:
StudioPRO Softbox Lighting Kit (Amazon)
StudioPRO S-600BN LED Lighting Kit (Amazon)

Portable Lights:
YongNuo YN300-Air (Amazon)
Aputure AL-M9 (Amazon)

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Video Lighting Tutorial: How to Light Your Videos!

Lighting is a critical element of any video, but it’s NOT as hard as most people think! It doesn’t need to be perfect, and by focussing on a just few key areas with some simple video lighting techniques, you can get great results in MUCH less time.

Whether you’re a seasoned YouTuber or a beginner just starting out, in this video we run through a full video lighting tutorial, including recommended video lighting kits, simple 3 point lighting techniques, and everything you need to know to consistently get great results!



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