Video Presentation Skills: Get Comfortable on Camera and Make Videos FASTER!

Struggling with your Video Presentation Skills? I’m no natural either, but here’s what helped me get comfortable on camera and make videos FASTER!


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Video Presentation Skills: Get Comfortable on Camera and Make Videos FASTER!

Presenting to a camera lens ain’t easy for most of us – and I’d put myself firmly in the ‘below average’ category here… (If it doesn’t look that way, we’ll chalk it up to ‘movie magic’… trust me 😉)

Unfortunately it’s not just the general discomfort and lack of confidence in the camera that’s the worst part… Often, it means videos take MUCH longer to create as well!

But all is not lost! We’re about to hit 200 videos on our Channel, and the good news it DOES get much easier with time, practice… and a few simple tips I picked up along the way that made a MASSIVE improvement almost instantly!

If you’re struggling with your video presentation skills, wondering how to get comfortable on camera, how to be confident on camera… and how to make videos FASTER – then you’re in the right place. In this video we’ll run through the top video presentation tips I’ve found that make presenting on camera MUCH easier (and quicker!)



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